Accident on The Nakuru Highway

On the 18th of this month I was driving back to Nairobi at around 3pm. I’m not sure you know this but there’s a section just outside the stem hotel where traffic driving to and from Nairobi and forced to use the same side of the dual carriageway. (I hope you get that) Unfortunately that section is only marked at where the diversion begins leaving the people coming from Nairobi into Nakuru to discover for themselves that they can only use one lane. (i know I explain bad)

Anyway I was driving behind a small battered toyota that had just overtaken me. I gave it good distance cos I know we were in a very dangerous section of the road. The small toyota tried to overtake a blue truck that was in front of it. Seeing how much risk that driver was taking I slowed down completely. Within seconds I heard my sister scream…I looked ahead and literally saw the oncoming Nissan (matatu) in the air and the small vehicle spinning.

I was in shock! My sister was crying and my auntie who was riding with us shouted for me to stop!. we pulled over and ran to the accident scene. I thought of turning back at the sight of some guy leaning out of the overturned Nissan with blood dripping on the road…

Then I thought to myself that I’d want someone to help me and went straight to pull the boot of the Nissan open. Some guys arrived and we had a crowd withing minutes. We managed to pull everyone from the matatu and we stopped passing cars to take them to hospital.

The small car was badly hit and I just watched us some men tried to cut the twisted metal with their bare hands. One of the passengers died at the scene and the driver died on the way to hospital.

It was being driven by some senior police officers who apparently were coming from a workshop. I’m not sure the others survived …

Considering were were not too far from Nakuru town, am disaapointed at the respose of the emergency service adn the police. The Police arrived after everyone from the accident vehicles was taken from the scene and only one dead body lay there.

I understand the emergency numbers were changed. I was trying 999 and all I heard was mteja hapatikani…

We left well over an hour after the accident took place shaken and exhausted!

Drive safe people drive safe!

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5 Responses to Accident on The Nakuru Highway

  1. Shiko-Msa says:

    They changed the 999 number and for all I know they did not take the time to educate the masses on the same. All I remember is some fleeting item on KTN some time back but the new numbers were long and I cant remember them. They should have printed and distributed fliers and all and preached on every radio station and newspaper. And stuck stickers on bumpers like they did the Najivunia.

    Sorry about your sad experience. Must have been riveting.

  2. 3TOC says:

    Gosh. Pole sana FG.

  3. gladys says:

    sorry…glad you took time to help as much as you could…

  4. ---Supreme-G.R.E.A.M--- says:

    Very sad. RIP to the victims.

    I dont know why Kenyans compete on the road. You try overtake a slow driver and he suddenly starts to drive fast. Its not the right forum to rant but its what leads to such accidents.

    Safe drive to all

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