Cockroach Killer Mix

For those who may need it….

1. Boric acid
2. One spoonful sugar
3.1 red or white onion
4. A little milk
5. 1 Egg

Mix it all up in to a paste and apply around your house/cupboards etc. remaining mixture put in bottle tops and keep out of your kids reach but where those roaches hide.

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3 Responses to Cockroach Killer Mix

  1. Kafai says:

    so where does one get this boric acid?

  2. egm says:

    Tried this too.

    Kafai, any chemist should have it in stock.

  3. KK says:

    You really are obsessed with roaches aren’t you….. I hope you know that they have a better chance of surviving a nuclear blast than you do:)

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