Are we a NATION of thieves and murderers?

As a nation:

We kill because we belong to a sect.

We destroy the railway line cos we want free electricity.

We kill people who don’t share in our political views.

We steal petrol and food from overturned trucks.

We (online) call for those in Kenya to go and kill from our ‘safe havens’ in the west.

We quickly rush to kill (mob justice) petty thieves.

We kill for love.

We ask to be paid even when we’ve not worked (mugiki).

Our police force contributes to carnage on the road for a fee of as little as Ksh 30..yes 30 bob!

Need I mention our trigger-happy police force

We as a nation really look harmless but if you take another look as the Kenyan, you’ll see that we’re totally the opposite of what we look like!

Feel free to agree or disagree

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5 Responses to Are we a NATION of thieves and murderers?

  1. Ouma says:

    We steal maize as agriculture minister and when hunger strikes, we also steal the relief food.

  2. 3TOC says:

    In matters unrelated- I kinda tagged you on my blog.

  3. Darius Stone says:

    Question: “Are we a nation of theives and murderers?”

    Answer: Is the Pope Catholic?

  4. Mo says:

    I try to stop stewing on the state of the nation and the general apathy and helplessness of its people. All it does is aggravate my ulcers.

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