More Politriks

Am totally amused at how the Kenya politician will go to a school function and blab about the political situation in Kenya. Its a school function! The least they can do is lie how kids will benefit from them being an MP or whatever.

Nyhoo, the weather’s lovely where I am, hoping for a similar thing tomorrow coz there’s nyama and ugali to eat in celebration of our labour day!

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6 Responses to More Politriks

  1. 3N says:

    I like “Politriks’….and yes they are shameful. Even in funerals they hijack the podium and bicker on politics disrespecting those who mourn.

  2. Urbane' says:

    Or at a wedding… when someone has been stressed through and spent 2 make their day… and someone comes there to talk about Migingo Island and Railways!!! What do you tell your grandkids when they watch the video 30years down the line?

  3. Politics is a dirty game

  4. Kei says:

    They are politicians.. no?

  5. david otieno says:

    the problem is that most of us just relax all our muscles and sit back, watching things being done wrongly! whom do you want to correct things when you are simply doing nothing!

  6. savvy says:

    I hate politicians, and their bickering on news, I can’t stand.

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