30 something but behaving 12

So, recently I had a funny experience. I have this galfriend who has got two kids. She in turn had a galfriend who’s got one child. Now we were planning to do the Twickenham 7s thing. As you know if you live in the village, there’s a lot of planning involved – sleeping arrangements-which cars to take -which spot to hit for the after parties etc…

Since I recently came back to England, I made my own plans. My gal who has two kids had plans to sleep at her galfriend’s hubby’s house (she doesn’t talk to the man cos she called the police on him once when she found him beating the poor gal up) The guy has a house huuukooo Southeast London. Too far as far as our after party plans were concerned. I spoke to my gal E who live in London and she was like ‘you lot can stay with me instead of doing hotels and whatever’ Cos we went for E’s plan.

Strop Mode

My galfriend’s galfriend decides she’s stroppy and kills her friendship with my galfriend cos she doesn’t want to share her with anyone. Am like..’are you dating this woman’? She sent a text going- ‘since FG came back, seems you two got a better friendship going on. I am not going for rugby, you two go and have fun!’ Then another text ‘please stop talking to FG about me ‘

The whole thing was sooooo stupid I am sure you’re confused just reading this.

Anyway, went to Twickenham where we had lots and lots of fun and then went to Scotland. We are sort of groupies as far as kenya’s 7s team are concerned.

Those who are going for the Safari 7s…am so jealous!

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2 Responses to 30 something but behaving 12

  1. EK13 says:

    hehehehehe….these are people you associate yourself with…lol!

    On a serious note…….how childish!

    Now…..I am with you on Safari Sevens……green with envy!!!

  2. Mo says:

    Some people never quite leave high school.


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