Married available men!!!$$$

Do I have “Married? Hit on me” written on my forehead????


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16 Responses to Married available men!!!$$$

  1. kenyanreality says:


    I understand you, it is disgusting but more so if they are your friends.

    How do you (did you ) deal with it??

    Because he’s a friend I gently let him down but I was fuming inside!!!

  2. bankelele says:

    thats why we chop/sweat for the MBA degree

    Married but available men should know am single but unavailable

  3. Bomseh says:

    What happened to courtship before popping the question?

    Bom-sweet, if one is married their courting days are well and truly over!

  4. Mo says:

    Hehe, pole sana, Farmgal. Some of us deserve to be shotdown mercilessly.

    So, wanna go out sometime? I is not married. I swear.

    *hides ringfinger.*

    Mo si I know you ain’t married… 🙂

  5. me is married….gal coffee? tea? no harm i think

    coffee and tea no harm at all.

  6. Guess says:

    Do not even get me started – it is like a plague, I kid you not. Shameless, to say the least, especially when they/or their spouse, is a friend of yours. aaaarrrrrhhhhgggg!

    Long time no see, FG!

    When dealing with friends, you got be careful not to be the reason they break up. So tell off the MBA and carry on as if nothing ever happened!

    Stop hiding from me msichana 🙂

  7. Gish says:

    Story of my life. God needs to intervene or smite them.


  8. boyfulani. says:

    Not reached hiyo miaka yet.
    But me thinks when i do, i will be discreeeeeet… 🙂

    We should just e-slap you for planning ahead… 🙂

    • boyfulani. says:

      thanx 4 checking out my digs by the way.

      You’re welcome..I do visit though I may not leave a comment.

  9. Nakeel says:

    The day I discovered the trick to keep them off lets say am glad.

    Nakeel ebu send the how kwa mpango wa kando hapo gmail or FB

  10. Mo says:

    I’m not; that’s why I made the ka-offer for, eh, tea and coffee and, eh, a chat. 😛

    I can’t say no to that ka-offer! Those are three ka-offers by the way…tea, coffee and a chat 😛

  11. Mo says:

    Oh, you is smart.

  12. Maua says:

    I missed ths one.

    Next time go along and do the Bobbit.

  13. Darius Stone says:

    LOL FG….

    The mistake you’re doing is that you’re letting him down gently…that’s tantamount to leaving that “Available for married men” sign on your forehead.

    “Get out of here before I tell your wife to come and collect you” normally works better…You know he’s gonna try it again, right?
    LOL! I’m trying to picture myself plotting for one of my wife’s buddies….LOL! They’ll all cut my balls off…hehehe – they’re that way inclined.

    But seriously, jamaas surprise me sometimes. Why stress yourself shopping out there for milk when the cow is at home? (clearly no pun intended here…LOL!)

    • farmgal says:

      Walalalala! AKi I need me some ‘balls’ to actually threaten to call some jinga’s wife! I agree thats where I go too soft…hanging head in shame!

  14. Mama says:

    Hehehehehe…this problem is prevalent I see! Thank you for visiting my place.

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