How low!!

So my pal was dealt a very low blow by her x-hubby!

The man is refusing to see his kids on the regular and the only way out, is for him to be taken to court, so he can share the responsibility of minding his kids.

She sent him a text saying they need to sort things out through the family court.

Jamaa after a few exchanges says and I will qoute.

“I found you in London when you were a cheap prostitute”

Mama replies ” This cheap pro has bore you two beautiful kids”

Jamaa ” I hope my daughter will not turn out to be a prostitute like you and your mother”

I mean what the hell????!!!!!

This is what love comes to when it’s over????
How do you bring in somebody’s mum into a stupid exchange. That boy is so lucky that that mama is level headed and that she laughs things off. Some people would kill you for that last one.

If someone has hurt you by leaving you, silence is the best weapon..God help us!

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21 Responses to How low!!

  1. Maya says:

    Wooo, thats extremely harsh to say the least! That would be the begining of my locking that man completely out of me and my kid’s lives! Men never cease to amuse me!!

  2. 3TOC says:

    Hurting people hurt people!

  3. Mo says:

    Sounds like someone deserves a good uppercut to the chin.

    Kudos to your friend for taking the high road.

  4. |d®| says:

    Nah, that’s just being sophomoric and immature, not to mention a complete a$$hole. Don’t know where she gets the patience to laugh it off and I give her mad respect for that.

  5. Maua says:

    He’s got no respect for anyone, even where he came thru from, not to mention his own self respect . For your gal, thumbs up.

  6. question: Was she a cheap ho? in the first place?

  7. Darius Stone says:


    I really don’t know why your friend is taking the high road on this one. This is not about her, and there are totally two separate issues here. Firstly, this dude’s disrespect to her, and secondly, the upkeep of 2 children who could be short changed by her action or inaction regarding the father.

    I think she’s making a mistake by not separting these two issues. In the first situation, its totally up to her about how she deals with the humiliation and disrespect to her. Some might choose to take the high road, some might choose to cut of his chuffers and fry them to him for dinner – horses for courses and stuff like that. As for the case of the kids, she needs to stop being emotional and self righteous and get what is due for her kids. Fatherly love may be out of the question, but the kids should not be short changed because of how the father feels about the mother.

    The law is crystal clear on child support and there’s no need to amicably discuss anything with this punk (who by the way makes us fathers look bad…). Just take his tired ass to child support and get a legal attachment on 17.5% per child (LOL! 5% for 2 kids) of any gross salary the stupid punk will ever earn until those two kids are 18.

    This high road laughing it off nonsense has to go. Tell her to get her gloves off chap chap.

    As for Northern Kenya and Joyunspeakable…are you both suggesting that even if she was the alleged pro he says, she isn’t worthy of having children….Nonsense! Firstly, you don’t and probably will never know whether she was one and secondly, the notion that it excuses what this punk is doing is just off the mark. Ashindwe!

    • Darius Stone says:

      I meant 35% of his gross salary until the kids are 18.

    • farmgal says:

      Darius I think you misunderstood Joyunspeakable’s comment.

      As for my friend, she’s been trying to sort out the financial issues amicably but with the insults and the man refusing to help her with the kids. She’s had enough! I think if one can’t be civil best the matter be handled by family court instead of putting up with someone’s madness.

      It’s true one can’t be forced to love his kids but at least one can be forced to support them.

      Big up to all the good fathers out there by the way!

  8. Darius Stone says:

    @FG…my bad….and @Joyunspeakable, apologies for misreading your comment…

    Tell the girl to make sure she files everything that’s needed in court to get the child support orders, including those damn text messages…civility is a non-starter on this one, and there’s no need for her to be nice and civil to the bastard.

    There is the alternative of fixing the jamaa “kwa corner mbaya” but breaking his knee caps might render him unemployable and thus reduce his capacity for child support…Hola if you guys want numbers to a few select shall we say, freelancers who specialize in fixing things…LOL! (*Darius you must stop…*)

    • farmgal says:

      Lol Darius..but seriously I was soooo riled up when I read those texts!

    • KK says:

      Ebyu enumerate what ‘things’ they fix. I might be in the market….

      • Darius Stone says:


        As you can appreciate, my friends are not in a position to produce a brochure detailing their consultancy work and experience…

        I can vouch for them though and I’d highly recommend an initial 2 hr consultancy that they provide free of charge. Usually if your case is very elaborate they will add on the consultancy charges to your person of interest. The consultancy helps clarify the objectives of the task to be fixed and clear boundaries that you want to express.

        Just to give you a flavour, services range from the very simple tap on the shoulder and smile just to remind the character that you said hello – to the other extreme of a near death experience of the kind that involuntarily relieves one of their natural bladder and bowel functions (needless to say, this one gets messy). They categorically do not take jobs that require wet suits (as in it gets bloody), as they don’t necessarily want to become esteemed guests of Her Majesty’s prisons service. But they’re happy to provide the near death experience – you know the one that makes you sing hymns like “This world is not my own I’m just passing through” – kind of like when you get to intimately acquaint yourself with the business end of a menacing 9mm glock semi-automatic.

        They’re good at special effects…LOL!

  9. wambui jr says:

    been a while since I visited the blog, but man, that is really harsh. Silence is most definitely the best weapon, I really hope the guy doesn’t disrespect like that when he’s around the kids!

  10. Gish says:

    Thats low, that would be war from me no one disrespects me and my family. He should step up and take care of business. LOSER

  11. Maua says:

    For the sake of the kids, I think moving out of the area completely may be an alternative. We gals are capable of looking after our kids peacefully. We may struggle somewhere along the way, but in the end, we make it and its better than taking crap. A few yrs down the line, the kids appreciate what the mum did, and maybe, just maybe, the dad appreciates the efforts too.

  12. 3TOC says:

    LOL Mr. Stone- what services are you advertising here?Can they give me a job. I can do the whole tapping and smiling.

    • Darius Stone says:


      I have spoken to them about the virtues of diversity and equal opportunity and even introduced them to some sample equal opps and employment policies they could use from the EHRC – but I think they’re keen to have staff who can perform the whole range of activities…I think they’re just concerned that if the tap on the shoulder requires further intervention e.g. impromptu dentistry, a bit of arm wrestling, or some water sports (read: they won’t be doing the swimming), then it is more cost effective to have someone who can seamlessly switch between the whole range of skills.

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