Waiting for baby

Drove up to Manchester today. Awaiting my bro’s second child who is due to arrive tonight or kesho, can’t wait!
If you’re wondering am not planning to be at the hospital anytime before he/she arrives. I will wait at home with the little 2 year old.
I still don’t have kids of my own so no way and gonna get put off by being there while she delivers. The reason I don’t have kids is cos I just don’t know how I’d cope with being pregnant and the worst part, giving birth!. I am afraid!!!


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5 Responses to Waiting for baby

  1. wambui jr says:

    ooo baby, that is sooo exciting! i hope everything goes well!

  2. yes u can….farmgal…a baby is sweet. you dont have an idea until you get one…so i encourage you, just get one…obviously you need company.

    but about the one coming…amekuja tayari? just waiting for the good news.

    Have a pleasant experience

  3. Shiko-Msa says:

    Baby must be here by now? All the best.

  4. Sibbie says:

    They say motherhood is awesome, are you sure you don’t want to partake in the joy of the whole process?

    How’s the new born? By now amefika, yeah?

  5. farmgal says:

    Hey people..still waiting for baby. It’s started it’s journey into this world and hopefully will be with us tonight…

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