I hold You

I hold you dear
I hold you long
I hold you close
I hold you in
I hold you more
I hold you each day
I hold you now

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8 Responses to I hold You

  1. bomseh says:

    I hold you back FG.

  2. EK13 Photos says:

    3TOC….I was wondering the same thing. I hope you are good girl.

    FG……I am sooooooooooo happy for you. AAaaaaannndddd I hold you back too!

  3. Held, felled by the squeeze
    Fragile, this side up
    Nailed, stayed by this leash
    Agile, spruced up
    Blessed, led in a daze
    Pray, never timed up
    Hold me on

  4. Gish says:

    Aaaaawwww this is deep. Hold on and dont let go.

  5. Nek says:

    Have you let go?

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