Having a baby the ‘hard’ way

You know those celebrity mums who are too posh to push? The ones that seem to wear six inch heels as soon as they are out of theatre? Well I can promise you they lie! Three weeks ago I was rushed to theatre to have my baby taken out of me 11 weeks early. I was shell shocked when I went in for one of my regular appointments only to be admitted and ended up on the operating table less than 12 hours later.

My baby girl is here and doing well in an incubator. Only thing she has to do is put on weight and tolerate her feeds. She’s such a lovely baby with a healthy pair of lungs. She doesn’t cry alot but you don’t want to annoy her. She has these big beautiful eyes that I realised she can cross! Sleeps more often than not and doesn’t like to be woken up unless you’re doing her nappy. Yes I have learnt to do a nappy change through little incubator openings. Initially I was scared to death and I didn’t even want anyone taking her out of her safe crib. I was scared of hearing beep beep beep beep…..and would give the nurses a worried look everytime one of those alarms went off. I have learnt that not every alarm means danger and have learnt that the danger ones get the nurses off their feet quick enough to attend to the child. The first time I saw that long beeeeeeeeeeeeeep line on my baby’s monitor, my heart nearly stopped. I know now that her little stickers on her chest come off especially when she’s moving about.

Now, I have exhaled!

Anyway, I was saying, the easy way to have a child is through pushing. I can testify! I have proof cos 3 weeks since my CS, am suffering. I have to walk to the neo-natal unit 3 times a day and back to my room. (I’m living in hospital) If I had my baby at full term, I would still have had to watch her and feed her 24hrs a day. I have had to deal with an infection and a bleeding wound. So really a CS is not the easiest way to have a child. The mums who pushed are walking about looking healthy and full of energy while I look like I just had mine.

I must admit that before I even considered having a baby, I wanted a CS and was even willing to save to have one. The reason I left having a child so long was cos of the thought of pushing a baby out of me. I then thought of all the women who done it and are still here with us and decided, what the heck. Unfortunately I had a condition that led to a CS and am now kindly repeating myself by saying. Pushing is the easy way to have a baby.

Anyway, here’s to my baby girl and here’s to going home as soon as possible!

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13 Responses to Having a baby the ‘hard’ way

  1. wambui says:

    ooohh Bless. i always thought natural was the way to go. alot easier to get back into shape…hope u get home soon with your little angel.

  2. udi says:

    Kairetu, i am happy for you.

  3. Ciiku says:

    Congrats Chica!

  4. Darius Stone says:


    Are you tired of the hospital food yet?

    I was thinking you’d be just about ready for a KFC or some proper home cooked meal smuggled in or something. Just hola if you need a reprieve

    Baby girl is doing good and she’s stronger than you think. You’ll be home before you know it.

  5. Mrembo says:

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. All the best to both of you. Wishing you and quick recovery and little baby girl and may she put on all the weight she needs so that you can both get home.

    Congrats and God bless you both.

  6. Gish says:

    Am proud of you for keeping the faith. Baby girl is a fighter and it will be well. We are still praying for you and yours.

  7. dorcas says:


    Good to hear you are both doing well. I always thought a CS was easier and had thought of saving up for one just like you. You have changed my mind.

  8. Nakeel says:

    All will be well. That girl is a champion and she will pull through soon.

  9. gezzmo says:

    I always thought natural was the way to go. a lot easier to get back into shape.

  10. FG, Maximum respect. I just know you will go thro this phase victoriously. LOL

  11. Digzer says:

    Congratulations girl!! Wow

  12. Shee says:

    Firstly; congratulations!! Secondly, every baby is a miracle… You shall live to tell of this one!

  13. ujo says:

    *AWWWWWWW* Congratulations! Hope the tiny one is adding more weight!

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