Domestic Violence

In my head I have a lot to rant about as far as domestic violence is concerned but I won’t.

There’s this family I know, The man has been battering the wifey for the longest time. The wife stayed on for years hoping that the man would change as he often promised to. Recently this family had a baby and despite being beaten even when pregnant the woman hope that a baby would change the man. For one that silly man stopped working and throughout her pregnancy the wifey had to support them both and ended up having to buy all the baby stuff herself.

The man quit his job cos he had been ‘promised’ a government job back in Kenya. (this man must have lost a few marbles in his head) Oh, and they live in the UK

So recently the man beat his wife and she decided enough is enough and she called some protection agency and they’ve moved her a way from that man. She did not call the police cos the man promised to kill her if she ever had him put in jail.

So the man has now called the police to say his wife has disappeared and has taken the kid with her and has not left a forwarding address. The police ring up the woman and ask her if she’s fine, she asks the protection agency to ring the police on her behalf and the let the police know about what’s up.

The man keeps ringing her friends to moan ati he’s missing out of the first of everything. Baby’s first step etc….

All I can say is ‘ stupid man’

In this day and age, why beat up a grown up????

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11 Responses to Domestic Violence

  1. EK13 says:


    I am just glad the baby survived to be born through the violence. I hope they are both ok and she found the strength to leave him. I just pray she doesnt go back coz now I will be blaming her!

  2. modo says:

    Hey FarmGizzo, wassap wassap…siku mob. hope y’all are aight. we are.

    in this day and age also, how do you accept to be beaten. “Foolish”, “silly”are other adjectives for the man…at least the woman saw sense and left, but angeita makarao…

    huyo mzee ashikwe na acharazwe yeye mwenyewe pia…

  3. Wanjiku says:

    I think if all women took a stance about domestic violence, the world would be a better place. When you allow someone to use you as a punch bag, yet you met that person when you were a grown up woman, there is something seriously wrong with you.

    If he hits you first, and you let him go on then it can only get worse. have some pride women. Kick the bastard out with the first slap.

    • farmgal says:

      unfortunately victims of domestic violence find it difficult to leave. In this case this man keeps telling her that she vowed to leave for better and for worse…really!!!!
      did he take an oath to beat her up??

  4. Gish says:

    As my Ma says, if a guy threatens to beat you up you best be cautioning him that you wont stand that kind of talk and if he beats you walk. Its complicated as to why a woman stays with an abusive man but its important to leave.
    I hope that man is deported or even jailed, Moron!

  5. Shiroh says:

    FYI Even men go through domestic violence. And as FG says Domestic Violence is like a drug

  6. yellasoul says:

    btw,if she still lives in the same hood where dude can access her…I’d put my money on it that he’ll be back…when you ran…ran farthest away…get restraining order and start new life with new memories…or else,trust, he’ll be back….its a matter of when…physcotic idiots are very clingy.sadly.

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