Of baby weight and pizza weight

The other day I was stuck at the A&E with my lovely princess. A lot of time in my hands meant I had time to step on some scales in the weighting room. I talked myself into it mainly cos I’m not sure my scales are accurate.
Jeez, I gained 20kg during pregnancy!

When I was pregnant with princess my body went on a sugar demand. As in I didn’t eat sugar i would get so sick. I was also hungry 24-7 and that meant eating even in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would not even bother heating food, just gulp it down!

Now I have to shade at least 15kg cos I reckon I was too thin before getting pregnant. Problem is, they have to start making slimming pizzas if that’s going to happen. My word, am salivating just typing the word pizza…I feel targeted by those silly pizza offers and am now trying so hard to ignore them.

There’s only so long I can use the I recently had a baby card…here’s to burning that fat, cheers

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14 Responses to Of baby weight and pizza weight

  1. Shiroh says:

    I only gained about 8kgs. I have so far lost 4 but my stomach still looks preggers. Good luck on losing the weight…and let me know the secret

  2. yellasoul says:

    don be so hard on yourself…it was ur princess makin them sugar demands…not you..and she came out pretty right?…hehehe…either way u still have a good excuse..some of us dont..we jus stuff ourselves with the good stuff and feel sorry about it later…lol…

    anyho, i hear walking and skipping is the fastest way…good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. My struggle with weight has never ended. every now and then I conquer but results hardly last long. Sometimes I like to enjoy what I have come to call the ‘mummy size’ but I would really like to nail the matter. My only comfort is that my excess 20kgs(!) is evenly distributed but still, it feels like i am in a cushion ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    As for the pizzas, i beg you to stay off. Talk to your doc about some vitamins coz you might be lacking in some nutrients hence the craving for pizza

    • farmgal says:

      I know that ‘mummy size maneno’ I met this lady at the store and she told me that I look good and more respectable big! What!!! I have to find ways of not craving pizza. am now taking my vitamin tablets religiously

  4. I’m so glad to read this post because I’ve been thinking about how in the world I’ll shed this pregnancy weight after the baby comes! My plan is to give myself at least 6 weeks to recover and then starting next year…BAS. I won’t give myself a deadline to lose it though because I want it to be a lifestyle change. Can’t wait to hear how your journey goes!

    • farmgal says:

      I have began my journey which involves simple exercises at home..I know breastfeeding helps. I didn’t get to breastfeed though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Being a stay at home mum doesn’t help but we have to make it work..

  5. Gish says:

    All the best mami, i find that walking helps alot.

  6. fg, i feel yu on weight gain. Be careful tho on the pizza. I’ve missed ur blog gal

  7. Mrembo says:

    i รกm late to the party lakini I have to say to Shiroh.. ati 8kg only.. I already hate you.. ati 8??? how… ๐Ÿ™‚ . Like Farmgirl.. 20kgs was what I gained. So far 10 down and 10more to go.

    Farmgal I hear you on that sugar demand… woi, woi.

    How am I doing it.. I started working out at home with a work out video which is kicking my butt 5 days a week and I am reminding myself ati losing weight is 20% workout and 80% diet. Those stats are so against me at this rate.

    But ,but my wardrobe keeps me motivated cause I REFUSE to buy new jeans. Right now I can wear one pair all the other 5 pairs are no-fit zones and the way it is getting cold…

    Farmgal.. we shall triumph. Keep on

    • farmgal says:

      kumbe am not the only one-jeans girl? hahaha I refuse to buy clothes that will fit so I have to lose this weight. two days into my regime and am feeling good…

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