So I don’t have a title for this post cos it’s very random. A friend of mine visited two weeks ago and she told me, and I quote “If I die today, my tombstone will read – She died Waiting”

I have since been unable to get that statement out of my head. I have since been looking into my life and looking at areas in my life where am waiting. Question is for what? Today I decided to do something about my baby/pizza weight. I will like I used to, do five minutes of exercise in the morning and five mins at night. You may think it doesn’t help to do just five minutes, but it’s worked for me before. I’m doing a combination of stomach exercises and hopefully I will get to shade 15kilos. I gained around my tummy mostly and my boobs became the size of a house. Now normally I wear a big cup but now it’s just out of control plus I miss my nice bras. I have decided not to buy nice bras in this huge size so the only way is to shade weight.

I have a ‘buy one get one free’ pizza offer that am unable to throw out just in case…hehehe I know! But on the other hand I have started taking my jasmine tea. Am not going to wait for this weight to fall off so am doing something about it.

If you have been waiting for people to do stuff for you better get off your bum and do it yourself. If you’re waiting for someone to offer you a job, get tarmacking.If you’re waiting to settle down, please do so chap chap.. I don’t know what’s wrong with us of this generation and waiting. Everyone seems to be waiting to achieve one thing so as to do the things that are more important in life. If you’re waiting for someone and the keep shifting the goal posts, then it’s time you stopped waiting for that other person and just get on with your life. If the said people are meant to be in your life, they will find you getting on with life and not just sitting there.

This is just rambling so let me quit

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10 Responses to Waiting…

  1. yellasoul says:

    omg!..i feel like you’re talking to me..kwanza while pointing a finger at me in reprimand :-(…and i have heard you loud and clear…and i have gone to my house to think about how to stop waiting 🙂

    and since your saying things that arent pleasant…i have a not so pleasant solution to kill/calm that pizza appetite…chew on celery sticks right before you dine..hehehe…i know ewwhh!but apparently it works… hihihi (yuck!)

  2. Fg, somethings like diet are all in the mind. Sometimes i crave so much of stuff, but it pays to wait for the right meal at the right time. Wish you well in ur exercise program

  3. Tekwane says:

    Just luved ur rumbling..lol..i went thru the same thing always waiting 4 that pay rise that was neva 4thcoming..i got tired handed in my resignation n went 2 the bunduz its bn 3 months n am enjoyin myself n getting paid 4 that..

  4. Mrembo says:

    hear, hear! it is like you were with me last night.

    Good luck on the weight loss.

  5. EK13 says:

    Told you when I saw you how your nyondoz have grown…..LOL!

    Alafu, that pizza deal is so hard to resist esp. if you don’t feel like cooking.

    Keep up with the exercise…..those 5/10min workouts really do work. I can attest to that.

  6. farmgal says:

    lol…you’re ka-razy ..am getting smaller

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