My regime is working

So working out five minutes in the morning and another five in the evening is beginning to pay off. I put on my one pair of jeans and they went up quickly and buttoned with ease! I have to keep at it, I miss my clothes. Not that I have a good fashion sense..nah nah

Am getting too attached to my baby and am finding it increasingly difficult to leave her with someone. I think initially it was easy cos we had to leave he in hospital for 8 weeks.

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2 Responses to My regime is working

  1. yellasoul says:

    *high fives farmgal….

    that’s the way…least ur actually working on it ;-)…and keep loving ur baby and making sure she’s always safe, healthy and dolled’s the normal thing to do…there’s never anything like too much love :-)..i hear the hyperventilating about leaving her kwishes slowly with time…it gets easier…so am told…

  2. supaflyshi says:

    I think getting started is the hardest part…once you get going it pays off!!! Congrats on the new baby!!! Hope all is well :o)

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