My teacher the paedophile

I have been meaning to blog about this most shocking story I got to hear from a close friend. She went to one of those village schools.
When she was in class four, there had this teacher who used to beat up kids like a thief for punishment. But there he offered an alternative to being beaten up! In the same class there was a girl that was obviously bigger than the rest and with developed boobs.

The girls would be punished separate from the boys always and with reason of course. He would take the girls behind the classrooms where he was sure no one would see him performing his perverted acts. Force the girls to lie down, told them to shut their eyes and offered an option of being beaten like a thug or ..wait for it…..he gropes you boobs!!!!!!! hwaaat????

As in, in class 4, who has boobs apart form maybe that one girls????? All the girls preferred the groping ..they were in class four. I mean how old is an year 4 in Kenya? If you offer a child a senseless beating or groping, they are bound to go with the pain free punishment.

Sadly a lot of teachers are getting away with abusing kids and even impregnating school girls. I’m not sure if there’s anything being done to stop this paedophiles.

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5 Responses to My teacher the paedophile

  1. Edward says:

    hey Farmgal,
    We had a teacher in Std 4 who was allegedly ”born again” he would cane us boys and for the girls he would reach his hands up their dresses and pinch their thighs just near their groin…The girls used to prefer this mode of punishment cos it was less painful to caning.
    So many years later is when we realise that this was wrong.

  2. farmgal says:

    Edward, these teachers should be hunted down and charged!

  3. yellasoul says:

    haiya!…there are some sick sick people out there…now you’re left to wonder,if such tois are in danger…as a parent do you have to have that convo about..’toushing specio parts’ with your tois when they are joining std.1…geez!…cos we are in trouble.people ought to shame such sick physcos more..cos usually,they are the trusted people around us…and that’s why people even refuse to believe the toi cos they’re like,..’oh,we know mr. nani …he cant…he’s our parish deacon’…we must protect our kids and let them know what crossing the line is. Even when they are young….(sorry about the mini post btw,and welcome back 😉 )

  4. kbaab says:

    Yes, there are teachers who do that. We had one at my primary school whose used to grope at girls’ busts. I too was a victim. Sad and painful memory. 😦

  5. joyunspeakable2011 says:

    Hey I agree.

    ION Happy new Year. I have tagged you on an interview for 60 seconds

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