You’re not your HAIR and am not my HAIR

Lately it seems every Kenyan who hates weaves is throwing stones (MAWE) at those who love to weave their hair. I know there are bad weaves, but to hate everyone who weaves their hair..jeeez! Take a chill pill.

Not everyone loves your hairstyle by the way. And just because you love your locks, straight kit, curly kit, natural un/kempt hair, braids, Mohawk bald head etc doesn’t mean that you are right and the other person is wrong in doing their hair the way you don’t like doing yours (mouthful)

There are bad weaves and there are bad and stinky (insert hairdo here). So kindly get off your judgement sit set on a high horse and let people be. If you know the a friend wearing a bad weave, tell them how they can make it look nice.

That is all

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7 Responses to You’re not your HAIR and am not my HAIR

  1. Guessaurus says:

    Hi FG,
    The issue of African and/or Black women and their hair is a complex one I have no intention of detangling here 🙂 I am with you though when it comes to unbelievably unsightly weaves/braids/do’s but that has no bearing in weaving all do’s in the same knot. I think though that when you hear someone say they hate ALL weaves/braids etc, it has nothing to do with them per se but with the idea that WE as Black/African women wear non natural hair for ‘other’ reasons than ‘grooming’. I normally say that hair is like shoes is like clothes is a temporary style that is changeable – like artificial nails or eyelashes LOL – it might say something about you, but it doesn’t say EVERYTHING about you.

    Aside: I am currently wearing [very cute, if I do say so myself] braids. Over the weekend we went over to see my grandmother [in law] and she loves my braids so much she is insisting on having her very long very white hair braided like mine. My mission, if I choose to accept it (and I do not see how it really was a choice between saying Yes/No) is to find the right hair for her, and someone to braid it. And here I thought teaching her to cook Chapatis was THE challenge. God Help Me 😦

    • farmgal says:

      Hi Guess…all am saying is people wearing their hair a certain way should stop judging those who prefer a different style. These days even jungus have tracks to add volume.

      for the longest time I hated doing my hair in braids, weaves etc but I never tried to stop anyone who liked those dos.
      It’s a complex matter yet a very simple one

      Your mum in law loves you!

  2. savvykenya says:

    Well, there are bad weaves and good weaves and I think good weaves should be appreciated too.

  3. yella-soul says:

    well,i think you should rock whatever you can…best way you can ;-)….sooo,who called you names about your weave?…hehehe…*ahem…anyhue,i agree any kind of hair you wear could look horrid…weave or no weave…

    personally iv not gone down the weave road. Just preference. Iv seen a couple of very hot weave hairdos…and then,iv seen the ones that move when they are scratched…woi!….lol..all in each his own 🙂

    • farmgal says:

      Yella …I’m not rocking a weave but if and when I do…I don’t want people throwing stones unless it moves when I scratch hehehehe
      Why aren’t you blogging again?

  4. yellasoul says:

    @farmgal…..amma get back right to it…once i sort out some more workplace durama ;-)…what can i say,drama lives at my house…hehehe

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