Getting Older and younger

So my birthday was last Saturday. It was spent well with the one I love (my baby gal) and later on with some friends who didn’t even know it was my birthday! I didn’t bother telling them cos I suck at remembering people’s birthdays, thank God for the FB reminders 🙂 This particular friends aren’t on FB so they were clueless.

There’s a friend of mine who once bit me in my sleep who always rings to say Happy Birthday. This time I waited for that January (tempted to say Jan- Worry) in vain.

All in all I thank the good Lord because He knows where my life is at even when I feel lost. He has a good plan for me and it shall indeed come to pass.

This year is good and bad but am dwelling on the good. Am the kind of person who has to force myself to stress about negative issues. It’s good for me cos if I worry for more than a day I get this painful ulcers that don’t help the situation.

Thank you all that wished me a happy birthday. Here’s to the good that is in this year x

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5 Responses to Getting Older and younger

  1. Tamaku says:

    Happy belated b’day

  2. savvykenya says:

    Happy belated birthday. Blessings this year!

  3. yellasoul says:

    hey,just saw this….happy belated birthday!! ….keep ur head up no matter what…wear that smiley face with umph :-)…your year is gonna turn out great!

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