I once flew 1st class

I had this friend that I had not seen for years and one time while in Kenya we happened to be eating choma at the same joint! So I learn he was working for an airline and was therefore able to fly in and out of Kenya as he pleased. An added bonus was getting tickets for family and friends but one had to pay airport taxes.

So for around £200 I got to fly first class with one of the best airlines. The experience was awesome but I think I should do it again to be able to take it all in. On boarding, someone was standing beside me asking to take my coat..whaaat! I handed the nice lady my coat and before long another passenger was offering to help me with my hand luggage. Am not short but neither am I tall so that help was much appreciated and the fact that my piece was heavier than the recommended weight also meant I would never have done it myself.

Sat down, looked around got to know my cosy seat that would later turn into a bed that I would not sleep in though I tried. I asked the passenger in the next ka-booth to help me find my light switch (shao) which he kindly did and promptly shut the divider between us soon after. It was ok cos I didn’t have any more questions.

Was offered champagne but I don’t drink alcohol however I was very tempted just cos I was flying first but I didn’t give in. The dinner was awesome, doubt it’s the same stuff they serve in third class. Soon it was time to sleep and wake up in Nairobi. I managed to turn my seat into a bed and was handed some lovely warm blankets. Problem is, by the time we arrived in Nairobi, still had not had a wink of sleep. I took in first class for a whole 8hrs!

That was 2008 and that was the last time I ever flew first. My friend told me if I wanted to enjoy such treatment, I should consider being his girlfriend..am back to 3rd and pleased. Not selling my soul for that..no thank you!

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11 Responses to I once flew 1st class

  1. mrembo says:

    that divider dude was just rude!

    Flying longdistance first class to Asia is on my bucket list. Asian flights seem to have first class cabins that look amazing

  2. yellasoul says:

    *green eyed monster slowly awakening….

    wow,thats fancy…hope i get to try that sometime..one day…lucky girl 😉

  3. joyunspeakable2011 says:

    Well, FG…. You dont have to be compromised. But you can certainly obtain your wants by playing the part….leading him on and leaving him high & dry…..

  4. I cannot wait to fly first class on Emirates. Everything just looks AMAZING!! wah!

  5. KK says:

    Mhmmmm! Proud of you my friend…. I don’t think I could have resisted it if i were in your place… the champagne that is:)

  6. Maua says:

    U just made me think of a career change.

  7. pitzevans says:

    for me getting to the destination is important, so if its through a cheap mode the better atleast that leaves me with more cash to spend at my destination

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