The welcoming committee in Kenya

SO in February I decided to go to Kenya for one reason and one reason only. To unwind! When you’ve been stuck in the house with a baby changing diapers and doing bottles all day. You’ll understand!

I embarked on my first trip abroad (or home) with the baby on a very ungodly hour. Had to start my day at 2.30am to catch the 4am National express to Heathrow T5. Good thing baby slept all the way to Heathrow and managed to check before she got cranky.

The check-in itself is a nightmare when you have formula and baby food. I mean, it’s bad enough for a passenger travelling minus liquids and all. First off the security dudes broke my little travelling thermos while trying to force it open. You’d think they would’ve asked me to help open it but nooooo. They had to break it open, then hand it to me advising me to buy a new one! The nerve! I didn’t have time to argue so I told them to bin it. Fed the baby and off started the long trek to the T5 gates.

Goodness gracious! Why on earth are those gates so far off? If I had not brought my pushchair along, I’d be totally out of breath. Which I was on the return journey cos dudes at JKIA decided to take the pushchair to hold instead of the cabin! The immigration guy thought I had drugs on me cos I was panting so much with a baby and hand luggage.

Got to Nairobi and halloooo moto! Wah the heat! Anyway everyone was complaining that it was hot and I was no different. Baby was as red as a tomato. Took so long to get through immigration and took forever to get my buggage. Some bright fool had offloaded my pushchair and set it on the side, luckily after being impatient i peeped huko nyuma and saw it propped up on the side. Sent some guy and they got it on the belt..fools!

Got a taxi which nearly ran out of fuels so it had to turn back somewhere. We ended up chewing an illegal u-turn and before we could blink, a cop was cocked a gun at the windscreen shouting..wakisha taa ya dani! (switch on the light) so the cabbie did! He didn’t have any money to give them and they told me to get another taxi to get us home. At bloody 11.30pm! My baby started crying and the dude had the nerve to ask me for money so as to release the taxi. Had five soc and after like 30mins of being there, decided to give them and we asked for change. Gave us a soc back!

Was in bad at 1am tired but glad to be home.

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8 Responses to The welcoming committee in Kenya

  1. Mocha! says:

    What a welcome! I bet you are missing that heat….!

  2. farmgal says:

    not at all! But am still glad I went home. And its raining now…should be there

  3. bankelele says:

    Wow, so much drama on your trip just to get home!!

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  5. Bee says:

    Pole for all that drama and with the baby! I hate that terminal but I’m always well prepared. It’s funny that the world now thinks that airport cities are the future and we are in for one hell of a long journey because airports are getting bigger. Now I find myself planning my flights around manageable airports! The immigration in Kenya is a total headache they walk around waiting to pounce on you with fake questions kumbe they are just snooping. Last time one of them tried to get me to tell him what I had in my luggage, I just lied that I was just a student and had clothes and candy. Another one offered to help me find my missing luggage in the most sinister way!! It’s always an adventure though. 🙂

  6. mrembo says:

    Salala! and you did not even cry. You are so brave. me I would have been crying tears by the time I got home. Kwanza the cop.. I would have cried like he has never seen.
    Pole sana.
    God I remember that National express ya ungodly hours.
    I just want to give you a hug cause I know how tough it is to travel with kids and all those security checks.. woi

  7. pitzevans says:

    seriously glad to be home here in kenya, ha? if you lived where i live n have to be arrested every other day that is if the mungiki doesnt get to you first, youd never return here atleast not this sides

  8. savvy says:

    That was drama-ful yes! It’s a nightmare traveling with a baby within the country, let alone an international flight!

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