A category of victims

There’s a category of ‘victims’ that I don’t appreciate rubbing shoulders with. You know those that tell a sob story everywhere they go and cry like a child that has just been born. I mean a baby is a victim of this world. When you’re born into a world full of uncertainties, murder, hunger, having to work for peanuts, druggie parents etc. You have got a good reason to show off your lungs.

I know this woman who will sit at home a cry her eyes out all day cos something isn’t working the way she wants it to. She will not move for hours and she be crying and crying endlessly telling God He has forsaken her! She has a roof over her head, a good income, food on the table and a family to rely on.

Babies can only bob their heads, kick their little fit a little and throw some punches. Babies are born in camps, walking to camps, in a manger etc but at some point they stop crying and take on the world.

So if you’re always playing the victim, give us a break and go on Oprah.

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2 Responses to A category of victims

  1. joyunspeakable2011 says:

    i like this so much very true

  2. yellasoul says:

    I like this post.some people are actually insufferable and exaggerate their ‘grey days’to no end …but in defence of the woman who has constant explosive waterworks….it might be a clinical issue i.e real depression which can/should be treated….lakini watu wajue to suck lemons and move on…people are getting dealt worse all the time..so it only takes one coming out of their heads long enough to look around…

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