If you’re not getting some

aaand you have a wifey…

You know when you zoeana with your wifey, you kinda let go of yourself. I’m talking hygiene here. You have a wifey that you live with but every time you look like you want to get it on she feigns headache (by the way sex is a good cure for headaches), fatigue, not in the mood etc. Well you need to put her in the mood. I’m only dealing with only one excuse for being on the bilaz train.

Remember when you met..errr remember..you used to brush and floss every night and take a shower too before bedtime. Now you come from work-bar then you get home smelling of sweat and tusker breath. Have your dinner, so add onto that garlic, onion, sukuma, meat breath. Then you jump into bed and say how you doing….errr NEVER! And if you succeed, pity sex and she can’t wait for you to get done and roll off her.

In short, shower, brush, floss and jump back on that train pap!
Thank me later

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10 Responses to If you’re not getting some

  1. farmgal says:

    A fanta will suffice

  2. Smeaj says:

    The worst is to come guys: you have just arrived from that field trip hot like a horse but she can hear none of this. Should you be lucky she climaxes once and the rest is history, you can take your hunger to who-knows-who. I wonder where she expects you to take your libido to. And girls you dare say that your men are on the rampage? If you don’t take care of them, someone out there will. That I can assure you.

    • farmgal says:

      Women have issues that need sorting before you embark on the deed. But of cos there are those that just don’t like it or they don’t enjoy so they prefer to be left alone. I believe if one enjoys it then they’ll come for seconds.

  3. yellasoul says:

    way to go madam!…tell ’em loud and clear…btw,basic hygiene ni muhimu sana…esp mouth and nahapo south…tuhurumiane masilahi jameni πŸ™‚

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