Most people are or can be good kissers. But, if as soon as they touch your lips with their soft beautiful lips. You immediately stuff their mouths with you tongue while drooling like a teething baby.

You’ll never know they can kiss!!!

That is all. As you were!!!

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6 Responses to Kissing

  1. savvykenya says:

    Tell me about those tongue shovers, yuck! They don’t give u a chance to breathe and can someone tell them that is not kissing?

  2. bomseh says:

    Let’s not even talk about dental hygiene.

  3. Smeaj says:

    Can someone volunteer to give then and this whole country at large a complete write-up on how to/not to do during kissing? This is one area I know lacks(and if they exist they are silent) experts and the havoc such shockers cause to relationships is unimaginable.

  4. kbaab says:

    hahaha! I second Smeaj. How someone kisses is usually my deal breaker.

  5. yellasoul says:

    ehehehe…i co-sing your rant totally…lol…to all those ‘gecko kissing antics’ people out there….its not that complicated…easy does it :-)..oh,na kuna wale who smooch like they are suction hoses….ata hao na tabia hizo zishindwe …lol…all in all,best thing is you can actually teach someone on how to smooch good ;-)…lakini if they believe they are good at it already,you’re in trouble hapo….hehehe

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