I kissed a boy

When I was in form two, I used to go clubbing. The good part is, I never used to use the window to escape in the middle of the night. My mum used to let us go out as long us she knew which crowd we were with and between 6am – 7am you be at the door knocking! Cool mum…y’all jealous, you who used to push your dad’s car out of the gate on free, no?

I met this boy on the dance floor on one of those nights. We danced the night away and later settled in a dark corner and kissed. And kiss we did! I don’t think we left that dark corner till the morning. I however can’t remember the details of why we didn’t exchange numbers and why we did not communicate.

I guess I must have had such an impression on said dude cos years later, and I mean years later, dude tracked me down on FB!!!!!! You have to know that I don’t even remember what he looked. Our lips were locked through the night afterall!

Anyway, he’s married so hakuna repeat performance!

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31 Responses to I kissed a boy

  1. Darius says:

    The one that got away, huh? You always do wonder – FB ina maneno at times.

    Only last week, I connected on FB with my high school supu – and its been at least 18 years since we talked. Only that our kisses weren’t in a dark corner of Bubbles ama sijui where – her mother was more ruthless than most and there’s no chance in hell she was going to be smuggled out of a window to go to a nightclub. School functions like drama festivals had to do.

    And she once missed the school bus back to where the girls were staying during the national drama festivals. Luckily our music teacher (bless her soul) covered our asses by driving her back to Boma and providing a cover story. We did of course have to confess to her that the reason supu missed the last bus was because she was kissing and indulging in some unmentionables and a bus roll call didn’t seem that important at the time.

    Someone actually asked me the other day how many of My FB friends I’ve either kissed or slept with. Why lie, some dogs are just better left the hell down, fast asleep….LOL – marital confidences and all. Though I know of my wife’s every activity on FB being stalked.

    • farmgal says:

      Ha ha Darius, this one didn’t get away. I didn’t even know his name though I remember that night. I must have been his first Kiss for him to remember!!!

      Now yours sounds like the one that definitely got away. You brought to mind the shenanigans of drama/music festivals.

  2. Project44 says:

    Ok now everyone get out the ‘x-files’ ha ha ha!

  3. savvy says:

    Been there, done that,.. can’t rem his name! Hope he doesn’t find me on fb 20 years down the line when I’m happily married 🙂

  4. Mocha! says:

    UUUiii, I remember those kisses! Thank goodness none of them have looked for me via FB and I pray is stays that way.

    As for sneaking out….there was no way with bugler-proofed windows. So, the alternative was to leave the house during the day and claim you are at a pals place for a sleep over.

    • kbaab says:

      haha! I used that ‘sleep-over’ trick so many times my folks stopped asking…just as long as I got home safely the following day (and not pregnant!)

  5. Darius says:

    Speaking of getting pregnant, I always wondered why parents had expectations of their girls not “getting pregnant” yet very few had the guts or courage to teach their girls how not to get paged. Most were even threatened with that “dare you come back to this house with a pregnancy riot act” when a simple “sweetie, can we talk about birth control” would have done the trick.

    And then you wonder why girls lost the plot the first year of uni when clearly, their parents unleashed them unto the world totally unprepared, some didn’t even know how to use makeup properly, let alone birth control.

    • farmgal says:

      Sex talk in my house to go something like this… Mum: farmgal, come to the window. Do you see a cow called Sunday feeding out there ( My grandma’s favourite cow was called Sunday) Farmgal: No. Mum: If you get pregnant, you’ll have to find a source of milk for that child!
      End of sex education!!!

  6. Project44 says:

    Ha ha ha ( that telling laughter again) @ farmgal and kbaab,project44 did a post on this and i still laugh at the ‘anaconda’ metaphor. That is all i can say for now (more laughter)


    • farmgal says:

      project44 I think we’re just going to read between the lines with you cos you laugh a lot! And since you guy are many over at your blog…sign under your comment so we know whom we’re talking to, ama?

  7. Aria says:

    Lucky you. I got the ‘Maliza shule kwanza then you can do anything you like’ speech until i was done with high school. So my first foray into a club was some months after high school….the excitement and prepping that went into it,what! You would have thought i was going to the grammys. Lol! Such innocent times.

  8. Ghafla!Guy says:

    “Anyway, he’s married so hakuna repeat performance!” hahaha…Repeat performance lazima and that will translate to a next great post! “I kissed a boy part II” ………..HAKI YETU! HAKI YETU!

    • farmgal says:

      Where have you been??? I nearly sent out a search party!!!
      Repeat performance is a No No No! Married and dating men are a no-go zone for me.
      I threw you a challenge then you disappeared.

  9. farmgal says:

    Ghafla guy – your work is to incite and run! Now I’m chanting haki yetu – take up my challenge. We don’t bite.

  10. Darius says:

    Farmgal and Ghafla – you both sound like Nicole and Muturi with these challenges and “I dare you’s”.

  11. Zack Mukewa says:

    I am liking these new posts from you 🙂

  12. Ghafla!Guy says:

    @farmgal…hehe,,,I didn’t know but Google helped me out. wah! crazy stuff right there!

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