So, we’re still in January and I’m allowed to say Happy New Year! No?
The good people at kicked my backside and asked that I post something. So here goes eeerrmm ..ok let see.

Oh, before I say anything else. The reason I’ve gone awol is cos I’m not getting enough sleep at night. My baby has decided to keep me busy in the day and the night. This is one tired mummy. And my neighbour is a complete ass at the moment.

So I was reading something the other day and it got me thinking. This man is married with kids. Sadly after baby No2, the wife decided to not want sex at all. So he came to this forum and asked if it was ok to DIY cos he doesn’t ever wanna cheat on the missus. If things stay the same for another few years he will consider getting a wife number 2! His words!

A few people said that DIY-ing is not a godly thing to do. I’ve been thinking about it and wondering how you feel. Do you think it’s a sin to do it yourself if you don’t have a mate or when the SO refuses to unleash the goodies?

And what’s your take on DIY gadgets?

Ha ha ha What a way to start the year ey!

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10 Responses to DIY

  1. savvy says:

    Ha ha.. I’d rather DIY-tools than DIY-hands, my opinion. There’s no satisfaction in DIY, only relief. I’d advise the guy to talk to the wife, ask her what she thinks he should do. Find out why she’s off sex. Maybe try counseling.

    I wish you and your baby a happy new year!

  2. Mo says:

    Pole about the baby keeping you up. Takes a strong person to be a parent, I know I couldn’t do it right now. Kudos. πŸ™‚

    As for this neighbour, why do you believe that he (and not the wife) is being an ass? If a spouse is steadfastly refusing to fulfill their conjugal duties, isn’t that grounds for separation? (or polygamy, in this matter) Say your significant other decided he was done with ‘activities’ for good, what would you do?

  3. Ghafla!Guy says:

    Take the guy off the DIY path, he will go blind if he tries! Mojo jojo! πŸ™‚

  4. Project44 says:

    Pole about the not getting enough sleep and hope soon you’ll be writing about the joy of picking out shoes (remember Biko’s post ;)).

    Re DIY, as the Spanish would say, ‘sin commentarios’. Happy New Year…heheheheh

  5. woolie says:

    Hi Farmgal – pole about lack of sleep. Woolie has always had sleeping problems due to bladder troubles. The vet told them that it is to do with too much gas pressing on…I know, too much info.

    I read on google ati DIY injuries are on the increase. So many people have these powerful tools that they have not learnt how to use properly.If the poor bloke has no option but DIY please please.. he MUST use some type of protection.

  6. Maua says:

    FG, aunt Maua babysits good once in a while, shout.
    DIY, when I think about it, all the wrongs I do when I hammer nails comes to mind. Game for 2, he can wait a bit till he makes executive decision.

  7. Smeaj says:

    About the baby yelling all over and at the wrong hour for that matter is forgivable. But the thought of DIY is repugnant from the word go. Suppose you are the guy who goes ‘yeeelllll’ when it come to the point of no return and with nobody around and with you, suppose someone budges in on you. Natuarally it takes two to tangle, but alone, it”s a big no.

  8. smeaj says:

    Sorry guys for remembering this late enough to warrant punishment. I should have brought this out so that you can judge a close family friend for what he did after he was denied his conjugal rights for close to three and a half months by his better half.
    I remember that on this column someone wrote something to the effect that after several years in marriage some ladys form the habit of going to bed in their day clothes, so deny someone the obvious.
    Well here is the story: a close family friend has a wife who is believer. Customary to most of Nairobians, this couple lived in one of the urban slums in a two roomed timber house with their four children aged between 5-12 years. Also in this humble abode were two mature house girls. These two girls helped with the children and in the mitumba business operated by the lady of the house. As life went by the lady of the house and the two house girls were holding a prayer ‘session’- cum-season for close to four months. All this time the lady of the house used to join the house girls in the sitting room-cum-bed-room that housed the children and the two girls for all this period. This lady was during this entire period oblivious of the fact that her husband is ‘starving’. Somewhere near the end of the four months, the lady of the house popped into her husband’s bedroom one evening at about 10.00pm to pick a pair of socks for one of her sons. Luckily, the children were asleep but the house girls were awake. The husband ‘detained’ her there and then and considering his ‘hunger’ did not waste time but went ahead and did the obvious in the full hearing of the house girls. Now, according to the lady of the house, the matter came to a head then. The girls were hearing everything from the word go(remember the house is made of timber), she being forced to have it against her will. Then in a sour turn of events, the guy was in no position to stop any time soon, going full blast six consequtive times non-stop.
    To cut my long story short, later he continued till the morning when the lady stormed out of the house in protest considering, and in her own words, she couldn’t face the girls after her ordeal for a whole night without sleep, them knowing too well what she had underwent. Thus before I headed for the office, she came to our house in tears and shame and reported to us, my wife and I of this incident. Now be the judge, was this friend of ours justified in what he did? I beg the ladies especially not to hold back. Did the subject lady have a right to say no to her husband? You tell us.

  9. Odhiambo says:

    Sorry about the baby and sleep, but one day s/he’ll appreciate the sacrifice.
    Well, if your neighbour’s an ass, you be the whip πŸ™‚
    About wanking, all i know is that it’s ungodly and also denying ones mate their “marriage dues” is ungodly too. With that, me thinks dialogue is the answer.

  10. apotene says:

    haha so @Project44 led me to this because he thinks i kinda relate to this since i made i disagree. And by the way the greatest advice this man deserves is a 3 word sentence “DO IT RIGHT”. About the Godliness of DIY is rather obvious because What does the man in the mirror think?

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