I’m back but feeling lazy

I have been back in the UK for 3 weeks so really this is not the time to say I’m back. This blogging thing is not easy but I shall keep trying to write something.

My flight home with two kids was al right. I left home with only one and a half hours to checkin desk closure. I was not allowed to check in online because I was travelling with two under 2 kids. Anyway my pal drove like mad and we made Heathrow in 1hr 20mins which was a record cos that journey usually takes 2hrs. Rushed through the airport and managed to check in in good time. Y’all know the nightmare that is Heathrow security checks. Now multiply that by three. Had to take baby out of buggy, fold it, go through to the other side, take all the food and taste it, wait for the milk powder and the meds to be tested, open some of the formula up and taste…Jeso! Then I realised I had left my babies’ bottles at home. so where to pour the two opened packs??? I was at this point feeling very very hot and sweaty (eeew I know)

Anyway mad dash for the gate with the help of a Kenyan fellow who was flying on the same flight. He helped me all the way to the last point where they check the boarding pass. Then he had to go find his seat! I mean he helped me but surely – seat allocation anyone?? Anyway he was getting restless so I told him to go.

I asked the staff at the Virgin Atlantic desk for assistance to get on board. Remember I’m tired and the babies are crying cos mama forgot to bring the bottles (they were perched on the kitchen counter at home)

The stupid Virgin Atlantic woman asked me “How did you get here?” Uuuuuiii! I lost it. Asked her why she was being rude. I had two kids (evidently) I was flying with Virgin and I was asking for assistance. Gave her a piece of my mind and proper told her off. I was pissed! I really do not want to fly that airline again unless it’s unavoidable.

On board, got a bottle off the airline and fed the kids. The little one promptly went to sleep in his little cot. Baby R took an hour to sleep. They slept through to an hour before landing.

JKIA is awesome to fly into on a Sunday morning people. They got me someone to assist with the hand luggage and one baby from when I exited the plane. Someone else gathered all my hold baggage in a pile (I had loads Utilised the 138kg allowance like a true Kenyan) and when I walked down the steps, someone asked me if I was FG. I said yes, they asked me to make sure all the bags were mine and off we went. Customs didn’t bother me yay!

I was staying with a dear friend in Kasarani so yeah Thika Road baby! wah that road is beautifully done. My stay was awesome, met up with tweeps and bloggers. Hooked up with old friends, went out, chilled and basked in laziness 101, met some crooks but generally it was awesome!

Shiro thanks for letting me stay with you and Peter thanks for your beautiful car. Amazing that the people that come through for me are people I have met online over the years.

I need to catchup with my favourite reads pole pole. I have missed you my blogging family…

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8 Responses to I’m back but feeling lazy

  1. Glad you’re back home ok. Bring on the stories!

    It’s always stress traveling with kids!

  2. Ghafla!Guy says:

    Met up with crooks? I want to read more about that bit. Jambo Kenya!

  3. IamVW says:

    Hiya Farm Gal. Nice blog you’ve got going on here. I would hate to see you (or this place) peter out. So here, I few light tips to keep your head up. Thank me later. See you around.

  4. yellasoul says:

    hey mami :-)…enyewe nilikumiss…seems like you had a fabulous time…can we have the storos stat!…hakuna kujiwekea…glad your back tho ..

  5. jahnekoh says:

    do i get to at least get a pencil, we writers no gift outweighs a stationery

  6. Odhiambo says:

    May be one day i’ll have to go through that air-travel ordeal, but until then, let me have a good laugh at yours 🙂
    How does a jet lag feel, is it the one ‘lazyfying’ you? Say hi to your children and we are waiting for the tell-tales too…

  7. Maua says:

    FG, welcome back to the shires. Hang in there, it’s so much fun travelling with an older master Maua, you’ll not remember your now flights when R and J are teens.

  8. Pablo West says:

    Cool stuff, why not try this out, it’ll definitely be worth your while: http://www.pablowest38.wordpress.com

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