I’m sat here watching football (world cup 2014) and just wondering what your relationship’s bottom line is. Sadly, for most of us, the basis for our relationships is sex!

When you look back to the time when God created Eve for Adam, he presented her to Adam as a companion and a helper and not as a sex partner. Sadly, most of our relationships today are sexual and that is just that. That is why, when you want companionship, he/she is away spending time with the people that give him that which you can not give because after all, you’re just a sex partner whom he ended up marrying and is afraid to divorce for one reason or the other.

I’m not implying that we should not find companionship in other people but when you have a life partner you want that from them. You want to be able to spend time together whether you’re having sex or not, you have to be able to talk to one another, laugh together, plan, your life, pray together and for one another, cry together and do all those silly and important things with your companion and your helper.


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3 Responses to Relationship

  1. smeaj says:

    I am tempted to think that the human being is much more complex than what goes on in a computer processor. The major difference being that as much as it is complex, the computer does not have emotions. It can go on working efficiently as long as there is power and enough ventilation to cool the working parts. As for us we have emotions. The environment surrounding us governs our state of mind and moods accordingly. As much as we would like to be there for one another, sometimes we need to be alone though there in person. Add that to the daily home-traffic jam- deadlines-meetings-office-home routine and the total sum is a nerve-wreck who needs God’s grace even to wake up the next morning let alone to function again.
    It is my humble opinion that we should plan our lives around one another as opposed to/for one another; arranging and doing activities together(other than sex as you say) would be a bonding and more unifying. The idea here is to let out steam and frustrations together thus breaking those cocoons loose and bare, talk of strength in numbers. After all, you as a couple were meant to be one, in body mind and purpose. Life alone is not a worthy option.

  2. farmgal says:

    “life alone is not a worthy option” thank you

  3. yellasoul says:

    well, some people dont even get sex nor companionship…but they toil on and look like they are in a relationship…because people are unforgiving…and like pretty pictures. so they walk through life as pictures. with no depth.

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