I’m back but feeling lazy

I have been back in the UK for 3 weeks so really this is not the time to say I’m back. This blogging thing is not easy but I shall keep trying to write something.

My flight home with two kids was al right. I left home with only one and a half hours to checkin desk closure. I was not allowed to check in online because I was travelling with two under 2 kids. Anyway my pal drove like mad and we made Heathrow in 1hr 20mins which was a record cos that journey usually takes 2hrs. Rushed through the airport and managed to check in in good time. Y’all know the nightmare that is Heathrow security checks. Now multiply that by three. Had to take baby out of buggy, fold it, go through to the other side, take all the food and taste it, wait for the milk powder and the meds to be tested, open some of the formula up and taste…Jeso! Then I realised I had left my babies’ bottles at home. so where to pour the two opened packs??? I was at this point feeling very very hot and sweaty (eeew I know)

Anyway mad dash for the gate with the help of a Kenyan fellow who was flying on the same flight. He helped me all the way to the last point where they check the boarding pass. Then he had to go find his seat! I mean he helped me but surely – seat allocation anyone?? Anyway he was getting restless so I told him to go.

I asked the staff at the Virgin Atlantic desk for assistance to get on board. Remember I’m tired and the babies are crying cos mama forgot to bring the bottles (they were perched on the kitchen counter at home)

The stupid Virgin Atlantic woman asked me “How did you get here?” Uuuuuiii! I lost it. Asked her why she was being rude. I had two kids (evidently) I was flying with Virgin and I was asking for assistance. Gave her a piece of my mind and proper told her off. I was pissed! I really do not want to fly that airline again unless it’s unavoidable.

On board, got a bottle off the airline and fed the kids. The little one promptly went to sleep in his little cot. Baby R took an hour to sleep. They slept through to an hour before landing.

JKIA is awesome to fly into on a Sunday morning people. They got me someone to assist with the hand luggage and one baby from when I exited the plane. Someone else gathered all my hold baggage in a pile (I had loads Utilised the 138kg allowance like a true Kenyan) and when I walked down the steps, someone asked me if I was FG. I said yes, they asked me to make sure all the bags were mine and off we went. Customs didn’t bother me yay!

I was staying with a dear friend in Kasarani so yeah Thika Road baby! wah that road is beautifully done. My stay was awesome, met up with tweeps and bloggers. Hooked up with old friends, went out, chilled and basked in laziness 101, met some crooks but generally it was awesome!

Shiro thanks for letting me stay with you and Peter thanks for your beautiful car. Amazing that the people that come through for me are people I have met online over the years.

I need to catchup with my favourite reads pole pole. I have missed you my blogging family…

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In Kenya

In kenya till 26th March

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Finders Keepers

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So, we’re still in January and I’m allowed to say Happy New Year! No?
The good people at kicked my backside and asked that I post something. So here goes eeerrmm ..ok let see.

Oh, before I say anything else. The reason I’ve gone awol is cos I’m not getting enough sleep at night. My baby has decided to keep me busy in the day and the night. This is one tired mummy. And my neighbour is a complete ass at the moment.

So I was reading something the other day and it got me thinking. This man is married with kids. Sadly after baby No2, the wife decided to not want sex at all. So he came to this forum and asked if it was ok to DIY cos he doesn’t ever wanna cheat on the missus. If things stay the same for another few years he will consider getting a wife number 2! His words!

A few people said that DIY-ing is not a godly thing to do. I’ve been thinking about it and wondering how you feel. Do you think it’s a sin to do it yourself if you don’t have a mate or when the SO refuses to unleash the goodies?

And what’s your take on DIY gadgets?

Ha ha ha What a way to start the year ey!

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Thank You

I just want to thank my readers for making my day through 2011. Let’s do this in 2012!
And yes I know I’m no writer but we communicate, no? Love you guys

Happy New Year

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If you are trying to get some (guest post)

aaand you have a huzzy…
So it is like 2 years into the marriage, and the last time you got some was last year in December around Christmas! Nowadays he went even touch you even look at you, why? Of late you look like you have been hit by a truck! I’m talking about shabbiness here the whole taking care of yourself shebang! You look like a 100litre drum (the ones used in building and construction), occupy three quarters of the bed then you expect him to want some of you?
You were once a ravishing, voluptuous member of the female species who used to command lengthy ogles wherever you went even in the seedy joints of River wood. Now you look similar to number 1, “mtu hawezi jua kama unatembea nyuma ama mbele” unless he/she looks at your hands. Anyway let me stop with the ranting and give you some advice: don’t become a member of a gym, they are just money making ventures….jog for at least half an hour every morning, more cheaper that way, always walk whenever you have the chance to, get rid of those ugly tatters you wear in the bedroom, burn them in fact and vacuum the ashes! Get rid of the weave, it makes you look ridiculous and most men don’t trust women who rock weaves, something about multiple personalities but personally I hate them because of this high school teacher who used to don them term in term out! SMH! Last but not least Google the rest of the tips! It’s free after all!!
Have some today.


This post is in response to this post that I did a few weeks back. Thanks Ghafla!
Oh and he is part of the team (assuming it’s a team) that is making sure we don’t re-write music by bringing us the correct lyrics here

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High School X-Files

googled image

Well just one but the s at the end of the title means you lot have to share with me at least one High School X-File. fair game, No?

His name is D, and oh how I loved that boy! I was in form one when we started dating (if I knew the meaning of dating then is another thing all together) We went to the same primary school and I was in the same class as his younger brother. The younger one was interested in me but I wasn’t. I can’t remember the details very well but I hit it off with D. I cleared class 8 just when he cleared form 4. So when I was a mono he was in college!

D used to call me every single day between 10am and 10:10am. That was as soon as he got off the mat to go to college. If my mum ever tried to send me out to do something at around that time, I would politely say no cos I was waiting for my phone call. She understood! Bless my mum cos I don’t know how she put up with it for so long! This was before mobile phones so no I could not take the phone to the shops with me.

My school holidays were spent at D’s house with his brother and sister. I would walk all the way to his and catch a mat on the way back. He in turn would come by four nights a week on his way from church. D was a very good boy. We would sit on the stairs and talk. Only kissed goodnight when he had to leave. At his house however we took advantage of kissing and shika shikaing (cuddles) We never went all the way cos he was as we would call it, a vegetarian. There was however days of heavy petting!

I would steal custard from my house and we would make it at his house with his siblings. I won their hearts. Sorry mummy.

Whenever I was sent home for lack of fees, my 1st stop was always at D’s house. While I was in school, D would write long sweet letters. And because he was learning German, he would sign off in German. He used beautiful coloured paper and beautiful envelopes. (he’s beginning to sound gay ha ha ) One of those letters was intercepted by the headmistress and my mum was promptly summoned to school. She brought me chips and sausage and chicken for big sis. (I started eating chicken in 2000!) The head gave me the letter to read to my mum, she said she would have a word but she never. She knew nothing she said would stop that romance. I kept the letter and she went on her merry way.

While I was away, I got sliced! My close pal kissed D and they started dating. See why boarding school is not good for you! Oh, and the same pal kissed my other pal’s boyfriend! Serial slicer hahaha When I think about it, two of my pals have kissed D

Fast forward – I went back home after being in UK for 3yrs +. I saw D! He drove to my mum’s and parked his car right outside. I was in my jammies and in bed. He called, my mum answered the phone and she told me D was outside. So I went, sat in his car and he kissed me on the cheek. I stared to shake! Damn it! I thought I was over D. We sat there a while caught up, kissed and I changed bid my mum bye and went to his digz! Very very fast I must say.

We had unfinished business cos we had never bumped uglies lol. So after a long chat I realised he was no longer a vegetarian.

D was a bad kisser and by then I knew he was bad. He used to bruise my lips back in the day and he was doing it on this night. That was the deal breaker! I gave him a story of why I could not do it and he dropped me home. Although he made me tremble, I knew it wasn’t worth it and if he couldn’t kiss what else could he not do!

Since then I avoided D, he even lived in the UK for two years and we didn’t look each other up, I knew we were definitely over.

D is married and I’m sure over that high school romance.

What’s yours?

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